Day 1 of the Nike US Open is done and I'm shocked. So many good WCT surfers have been eliminated already. Taj Burrow, Taylor Knox, CJ Hobgood, Jadson Andre, and one of my favorites, Mick Fanning, are all gone. Sure Slater is the favorite as usual, but I have a feeling Josh Kerr and Adriano De Souza are going to give Slater a real challenge. So take our poll below, who do you think is going to win?
The Nike Us Open of Surfing starts today with trials, but the web broadcast won't start until tomorrow. The pic above is all the girl riders for Nike 6.0, what a coincidence! So if you like the pic above, click here to go to our facebook page and Like us! Or else bad things will happen.
The official trailer for Chasing Mavericks was released this week. After years of cheesy surf films like The North Shore and Blue Crush, this real life story on teenage phenom Jay Moriarity and mentor Rick Hesson looks pretty good. Hopefully the film will capture the dedication and preparation necessary to face the reality of riding 30+ foot waves in 50 degree water. 

For those who don't know, Jay Moriarity began training to surf Mavericks at age 13 in 1991, and by 16 he was charging like a veteran waterman. He suffered one of the worst wipeouts in history which made the cover of Surfer magazine in May 1995, and you can see the video below. Tragically, Jay died during a free diving accident in the Maldives on June 15, 2001, one day short of his 23rd birthday. He did more than many of us do in a lifetime, and died doing what he loved. Aloha Jay.
So tonight was the premiere of Wakebrothers on MTV. Unlike other MTV shows that feature underage, unwed moms, or tanning salon narcissists, the Soven brothers actually have skills and pay their own bills. Ranked #1 and #3 wakeboarders at the time of filming, older brother Phil is concerned with staying #1 and becoming a responsible adult...while little brother Bob tries everything to piss off, embarrass, or just wakeboard better than Phil. Speaking as a little brother myself, its great seeing the little brother rattle the power dynamic. House parties, gratuitous bikini shots, and a stream of practical jokes follows the MTV reality show template. But unlike some reality show "stars" who are famous just for being on tv, the Soven brothers were famous before the show, and this is just a peek into their world. Let's see if it lasts longer than 1 season.
In other clothing collaboration news...everyone's favorite DJ/Producer Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) is joining forces with Neff to create a clothing line. No official designs have been release yet, but check Neff's website to stay up to date. I can't wait to wear a neon Neff hat with big ears to the EDC show so I can be mistaken for my 1980's self. Now where are my day-glo rashguards....
I feel like I woke up in Bizarro world this week. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Billabong's ill timed retail outlet expansion in 2010 is straining financials and killing the brand. All this during the same week when Nike release's their Free Run +3 Hurley edition shoes, which sold out in 25 minutes today (don't worry I got a pair). Billabong is no longer a core brand. Nike drops the 6.0 name to sell a co-branded sneaker with a surfing company. Is this the new world order?
Like Porsche and Audi, Emilio and Charlie, Nike and Hurley are family members who are finally doing a joint venture. GQ is reporting that the Nike Free Run +3 and matching Hurley NRG shorts will be released this weekend to coincide with the Nike US Open of Surfing. I like the shorts more than the sneakers, and it appears Nike is no longer using its 6.0 brand to hawk some new gear. 
Times are tough and sales that used to be rare are now common place. So if you want some new Quiksilver gear at good prices, check out their website.
Our facebook page is alive! We will be posting unique pics from Long Beach, and other tidbits of knowledge. Ray and his amazing camera are always around, so we may make you famous if we like your style. But the pic above is not Long Beach, its Waikiki but I bet it caught your eye!