So tonight was the premiere of Wakebrothers on MTV. Unlike other MTV shows that feature underage, unwed moms, or tanning salon narcissists, the Soven brothers actually have skills and pay their own bills. Ranked #1 and #3 wakeboarders at the time of filming, older brother Phil is concerned with staying #1 and becoming a responsible adult...while little brother Bob tries everything to piss off, embarrass, or just wakeboard better than Phil. Speaking as a little brother myself, its great seeing the little brother rattle the power dynamic. House parties, gratuitous bikini shots, and a stream of practical jokes follows the MTV reality show template. But unlike some reality show "stars" who are famous just for being on tv, the Soven brothers were famous before the show, and this is just a peek into their world. Let's see if it lasts longer than 1 season.

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