The official trailer for Chasing Mavericks was released this week. After years of cheesy surf films like The North Shore and Blue Crush, this real life story on teenage phenom Jay Moriarity and mentor Rick Hesson looks pretty good. Hopefully the film will capture the dedication and preparation necessary to face the reality of riding 30+ foot waves in 50 degree water. 

For those who don't know, Jay Moriarity began training to surf Mavericks at age 13 in 1991, and by 16 he was charging like a veteran waterman. He suffered one of the worst wipeouts in history which made the cover of Surfer magazine in May 1995, and you can see the video below. Tragically, Jay died during a free diving accident in the Maldives on June 15, 2001, one day short of his 23rd birthday. He did more than many of us do in a lifetime, and died doing what he loved. Aloha Jay.

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