The year was 1990, and Kelly Slater was taking the surfing world by storm. With a win at the Body Glove Pro at Lowers showcasing what is still considered amazing surfing even by today's standards, Slater would take his first world title just 2 years later. Check out the intro scene to Kelly Slater in Black & White, while listening to the heavenly sounds of Mother Love Bone (before they became Pearl Jam).
Check out the fresh new limited edition Metallica Vans that were just released. Sk8 Hi-tops and slip-ons have the Kill 'Em All cover art, or all black color designs in various styles that are inspired by each of the band members. I'm not sure if I would wear these, or frame them next to my Metallica records. Yes, I have Metallica albums on vinyl because the 80's were awesome. Check out the full collection on Vans' website.
Everyone's favorite surfer girl has made it to the Girls of Maxim feature. Alana Blanchard has given us one reason to be glad it's Monday. Check out the all the pics and interview on Maixm's website. She is currently ranked #5 on the ASP Women's Tour, and the second tour event begins in less than 24 hours at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.
It's been a slow week in the surf and skate industry news. Since 99% of you will be watching the NCAA Tournament for the next 4 days, here's a classic skate video that will kill 42 minutes while you pretend to work at the office, before you waste even more time watching college hoops. Santa Cruz's 'Wheels of Fire' had all the stars like Jeff Kendall, Rob Roskopp, Steve Rocco, and Natas Kaupas. If you want to see real ollie skills, skip to 26:15 and watch Natas do his magic.
Just as Kelly Slater used his wave priority to stuff Joel Parkinson on a nice barrel, Parko showed off the 1 finger salute. While dropping in like this would never fly on a regular day of surfing, all is fair in love, war, and championship battles. At least they both admitted it was all in good fun after the contest. 

Perhaps, this is just karma. In the 2003 Pipeline finals Parko prevented Slater from going on a wave, but claims it was an not an 'intentional' block in an interview from the March 2013 Surfer magazine. Missing that wave cost Slater critical points, and Andy Irons took the championship. 
Kelly Slater has done it again. 41 years old and beating kids who weren't even born when he won his first world title. Think about that for a minute. Slater has won the Quiksilver Gold Coast Pro. After storming through the early rounds, he edged out Mick Fanning in the semis, and traded barrels with 2012 ASP Champ Joel Parkinson in the final. So much for all that pre-season training that the Aussies were doing. Looks like you need to train the mental game as well, as Slater demonstrated when he blocked Joel from real hollow wave in the last minutes of the final. Go USA, go bald dudes, 41 is the new 21. 
Amazing footage from Long Beach, NY on March 9, 2013. Courtsey of Capture.Share.Repeat.
My prayers have been answered. I love Red Bull. I drink it late it night when I have to stay up, early in the morning when I need to wake up, or anytime I can get a free one from the Wings Team in a Red Bull Mini Cooper. Now there are 3 new flavors called Red Bull Editions. I have become a human guinea pig and just drank all 3 flavors in one sitting. I guess I'm not going to sleep anytime soon. Here are the results.....

3rd Place: Blue The blue metallic can looked awesome, it smelled like blueberry, and had a purple grape juice hue. But don't judge a book by a cover because the taste did not match the looks of this beauty queen. It tasted too artificial to me, almost like a generic energy drink that could be named wild/passion/fruit or whatever-berry. I don't think I will see too many of these in my future unless they're free at a Red Bull event.

2nd Place: Red It was close, but not everyone can be a winner. Red was a solid 2nd place finisher. It has a sweet cranberry flavor with a hint of apple. This would be the best flavor for mixing with cocktails because it is a little on the sweet side with just the right amount of carbonation. I plan on having more of these on Friday and Saturday nights.

1st Place: Silver Hands down my favorite. This lime flavor was like drinking a cross between Fresca and Sprite. If you want the jolt of a Red Bull but don't like sugary flavors, this is your drink. It's refreshing, and I can see myself drinking way too many of these instead of coffee at work or while driving on late night road trips.

As of now there are no plans for diet Red Bull Editions flavors.
The ASP Tour kicks off tomorrow with the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks. Will Parko's pool training put him in the best waves? Will Fanning's power dominate with huge cutback and off the lips? No. I predict Kelly Slater ruins the Aussie party. USA! USA! USA! Anway, enjoy Red Bull's final episode of the 21 Days which shows Park and Fanning doing what they do best, being badass Aussie Surfers.