My prayers have been answered. I love Red Bull. I drink it late it night when I have to stay up, early in the morning when I need to wake up, or anytime I can get a free one from the Wings Team in a Red Bull Mini Cooper. Now there are 3 new flavors called Red Bull Editions. I have become a human guinea pig and just drank all 3 flavors in one sitting. I guess I'm not going to sleep anytime soon. Here are the results.....

3rd Place: Blue The blue metallic can looked awesome, it smelled like blueberry, and had a purple grape juice hue. But don't judge a book by a cover because the taste did not match the looks of this beauty queen. It tasted too artificial to me, almost like a generic energy drink that could be named wild/passion/fruit or whatever-berry. I don't think I will see too many of these in my future unless they're free at a Red Bull event.

2nd Place: Red It was close, but not everyone can be a winner. Red was a solid 2nd place finisher. It has a sweet cranberry flavor with a hint of apple. This would be the best flavor for mixing with cocktails because it is a little on the sweet side with just the right amount of carbonation. I plan on having more of these on Friday and Saturday nights.

1st Place: Silver Hands down my favorite. This lime flavor was like drinking a cross between Fresca and Sprite. If you want the jolt of a Red Bull but don't like sugary flavors, this is your drink. It's refreshing, and I can see myself drinking way too many of these instead of coffee at work or while driving on late night road trips.

As of now there are no plans for diet Red Bull Editions flavors.

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