UPDATED 1/8/13 : Ignore what I said originally. Komunity Project by Kelly Slater just posted the 2013 ASP Schedule, and asked who can't wait? (see above) I doubt Slater's own company would be hyping the up coming season if he wasn't going to compete. Now it's time the connect the dots. 

-Kelly Slater tried to create the Champions Surf Tour in 2009
-ZoSea Media is headed by Terry Hardy who manages Kelly Slater, and is the Director at Kelly Slater Wave Co.

-ZoSea Media will take over the ASP Tour in 2014

Whoever really owns ZoSea will own the ASP Tour in 1 year. Now who might that be?

[12/18/12 Will Kelly Slater compete in 2013? It's the million dollar question. Slater proved everything he had to once again. He finished ahead of the talented John John Florence at Pipeline. The point difference between Slater and 2012 ASP Champion Joel Parkinson was 3,250, and Mick Fanning was a distant 3rd with 47,000 points. To do it all again would be extremely stressful and tiring just to get that official #1 ranking that most people think he never lost due to missing one tour event this year due to injury.

Now at age 40, his next challenge will most likely be growing his wave pool company, Kelly Slater Wave Co. Slater has already put his mark on the surfing world as a competitor, but now he has the chance to leave his legacy on the sport as an innovator. Wave pool design has been stagnant for decades, this is Kelly Slater's chance to reset the status quo once again. He'll probably compete in the two Quiksilver events next year but not the full tour. I think this was Slater's last year on tour, but I can't wait to see what he does next.]

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