1. Less crowds. Fall means more people have to do things like yard work, watch football on Sundays, and finish homework by Monday. All of which should thin out the lineup.

2. The water is still warm. You can trunk it well into September, even if you need a hoodie when you get out.

3. You can call out sick from work and people will actually believe you.

4. Hurricane season! (it's double edged sword, so let's hope they all stay offshore)

5. No restrictions, all beaches are surfing beaches.

6. Less traffic. With family summer vacations coming to an end, the highways open up so you can get to your secret spot even faster.

7. Better wetsuit technology every year, makes surfing in 60 degree water very comfortable.

8. Bonfires to warm up after a session.

9. There's still day light after work, day light savings time doesn't end until November.

10. Dressing up and surfing like a complete jackass on Halloween. See the  Lowers Raid video below for an example.

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