Kelly Slater, crouching, focused at sea and on land. photo: http://www.golfdigest.com/magazine/2014-03/max-adler-surfers-who-golf
After the 67th winter storm this year, summer has never seemed so far away. If you're like me, when the temperature goes below 50 degrees or the waves go flat, you begin to look towards other hobbies to keep you busy. Most of us will pick up another board sport that mimics the movement of surfing, but what about a sport that improves the mind game and mental focus? It should come as no surprise that Kelly Slater is 2 handicap golfer. His mental focus allows him to succeed at almost anything he does. But golf is growing among the younger crowd on Hawaii as well. Golf Digest is reporting a new found love of the sport among surfing's next generation like Julian Wilson and Dusty Payne. Hawaii has some of the best golf courses within a short drive from the best surf spots, making it easy to take 
a break from the waves while improving focus and body awareness on the greens.

Shane Dorian in Australia. photo by Adam Greentree, http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/nature/post/shane-dorian-is-your-neighborly-bow-hunting-big-wave-surfer/
For Shane Dorian, bow-hunting is more than just a hobby outside of surfing, it's necessary to protect the agriculture on his property. Deer and pigs are a real nuisance and potential health threat on Hawaii, since they have no natural predators. Shane Dorian was hooked after his first hunt. Bow-hunting certain animals (like deer) requires extreme focus and breath control, because you have to get within 40 yards for an ethical kill shot without being detected. This mental focus goes hand-in-hand with Dorian's big wave surfing when focus on every detail is a vital to survive a ride or a wipeout. There is a code of responsibility that all hunters should follow, and Shane Dorian embodies the best of that code. Grindtv.com has a great interview with Shane on his journey into bow hunting.

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