Best barrel of 2013: Didier Tinhin.

Worst Wipeout: Peter Craig at Mullaghmore

Womens Surfer Poll Results

5th: Stephanie Gilmore

4th: Coco Ho

3rd Carissa Moore

2nd: Sally Fitzgibbons

1st: Alana Blanchard

Mens Surfer Poll Results

10th: Andy Irons

9th: Gabriel Medina

8th: Taj Burrow

7th: Joel Parkinson

6th: Jordy Smith

5th: Dane Reynolds. Also had quote of the night in his thank you speech "thank you Quiksilver for sparing me from the massacre this year."

4th: Julian Wilson

3rd: Mick Fanning

2nd: John John Florence

1st: Kelly Slater

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