It has been a life changing experience for everyone. Many people I know lost everything, others only suffered some minor damage, but Sandy has changed everyone. One thing that hasn't changed is the indomitable spirit that strives in all of us. I volunteered this weekend and helped tear down damaged sheetrock walls in 2 houses. Ray was busy working in his apt on Laurelton Blvd. doing the same thing. Volunteers were willing to work long hours and doing whatever it takes to help. Long Beach residents were grateful for everything and all had the "we will come out of this even stronger" attitude. I encourage everyone to help in any way they can whether it's volunteering (check here for opportunities), donating to the Red Cross, or buying and supporting local businesses. The above hat is Unsound Surf's 'Strong Island' hat which just arrived in their Oceanside store which is slowly becoming the unofficial hat of the recovery process.

Volunteers at Humanity First came from all over the East Coast and some people I met were here from foreign countries who gave up their vacation time to help. I can't express how many self less acts I saw, all ages willing to do whatever it takes to help rebuild. Below is me (front row, second from left) and my volunteer team this weekend, followed by some of the heart breaking damage of the Lincoln Blvd. boardwalk. It will take time, but we're going to rebuild and come out of this even stronger.

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