This Veteran's Day, Vans released their second collaboration with LBT Inc. and the DEFCON Group. These shoes are badass and will make anyone feel like their about to embark on a classified mission. The colorway is a deep green canvas with MAS (Maritime Assault Suit) Grey  suede. MAS Grey was developed by LBT for night time assaults for units such as the Navy SEALs. The tongues have velcro patches that can fit 1" x 3" moral patches, allowing you to customize their look  (1 lightning bolt patch is included).

They also have the LBT logo tag on the inside stitching and a subdued American flag on the outside. The soles have an inverted waffle tread which stick out, and provide much more grip than the usual flat waffle pattern on Vans. They were released in very limited numbers to Vans Syndicate dealer stores. So if you didn't pick up a pair already, your only option is ebay.
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