Every so often we come across a product that can survive the boardroom during the week, and be equally at home when you're riding your boards on the weekend. The Rapide watch by Tire'd Watch Company is one of those products. 

Tire'd Watch Company was started by Edward Cole and his love for watches. The Rapide is a unique watch that uses recycled rubber and titanium so the wearer can be 'green' without sacrificing style or comfort. The "tire'd" name comes from Ed's experience of being tired of a routine job and boring watches, as well as a tread pattern on the band that resembles a BMX tire. I had a chance to speak with Edward Cole about this extremely unique timepiece and the process it took to create it. 

Why create a watch and not a bike component? Or why not just sponsor a race team with your name on it?
EC: I can only say that watches have always been a passion that were not physical activities. Mountain biking and heli skiing are what I love to do. The only other thing that interested me were timpieces and the movement of certain watches I was purchasing. But I was getting tired of the watches I had and the job I was in.

How did you persevere after getting turned away by so many companies to make a true quality watch?
EC: I had an idea in my head, I thought it out and went through the whole process and finally made a 3D model. I took it people much more knowledgeable in the industry. I took it to people that matter, that really understood what I was trying to do and they really liked it. That kept propelling me. Eventually I met the right people at the right time and it was the perfect storm.

Do you have any sponsored athletes or plans to?
EC: As of now I'm speaking to 2 sports agents. But I want to make sure the athletes we sponsor are aligned with what the watch stands for.

Any plans for a different style or a women's size ?
EC: We have a chronograph version in the design phase, and a unisex version. The unisex version will be a slimmed down version of the Rapide.
Edward Cole putting his ideas into reality.

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