Photo: Cole Ferguson
After 14 years, Transworld Surf magazine will no longer be published after September. Almost 1 month after Grind Media acquired Transworld, they are shutting down the print edition of Transworld Surf, and it will be online only. Grind Media also owns Surfer and Surfing magazines, and they couldn't sustain 3 surfing magazines. In other words, it cut Transworld Surf so it wouldn't cannibalize its own sales of Surfer and Surfing. This is another sad example of big corporations acquiring smaller companies, and reducing choices for the end customer. 

While I have been a loyal Surfer subscriber for over 2 decades, I enjoy having the option of buying other magazines on the news stand when I see an interesting issue. Now there will only be Surfer and Surfing. I guess its time to get a subscription to Eastern Surf Magazine
7/2/2013 03:17:30 pm

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