Carlos Burle on a possible 100ft wave. Photo: To Mane from dailymail.co.uk
The St. Jude Day storm which has been pounding Europe for a few days, and left13 dead in its wake, is responsible for another record setting wave. The storm sent some of the biggest waves in recent months to Nazare, Portugal. Yes, the same spot Garrett McNamara surfed earlier this year on a wave that is now viewed as slightly smaller thatn 100 feet. Brazilian surfer Carlos Burle was towed into what looks like a 100 foot wave. The conditions were life threatening for Maya Gabeira. Prior to his ride, Carlos rescued Maya who was knocked unconscious by a wave, broke her ankle, and nearly drowned. The dailymail.co.uk has more amazing photos of this day. Hats off to anyone who even got in the water tried to ride these beasts. 

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