The is saying that Gerard Butler is in final talks to play Bodhi in the Point Break remake. This remake has been a bad idea since day 1. Butler should just kick over Patrick Swayze's (RIP) headstone and desecrate his grave. Classics should not be re-made. Anyone who loved the original must boycott everything associated with this blasphemous remake. It is wrong on so many way levels, let's count them...
  1. It's disrespectful to the late Mr. Swayze. What's next, a Road House remake? 
  2. "Lawyers don't surf," and neither does Butler. Remember how he almost died while making Chasing Mavericks. 
  3. Having Johnny Utah play an older mentor like Pappas might have worked, but Keanu Reeves TURNED DOWN the remake!
  4. Butler has already jinxed any movie involving surfing, Chasing Mavericks barely made $6 million.
  5. Butler is old as dirt. He's already 44, he'll by 45 when it films. How many 45 year-olds (Kelly Slater is the exception, and he's still younger at 41) are believable surfing gurus and bank robbers??

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