So if you were cool growing up you had an awesome BMX freestyle bike. My sweet ride of choice was a 1987 GT Pro Perfomer, hot pink, white Skyway mag wheels, and Skyway pegs for the ladies. Ray can still be seen cruising Long Beach on his vintage Dyno Detour. Either way, I've been waiting for a BMX revival of retro style frames of yesteryear for us old skool riders. Well Bob Haro has given us a peek of what may be in store with his new Ikonix SX1 Prototype. Rumors have been spreading for a year about the bike he will produce, but it appears his concept bike above will have to suffice for now. Carbon frame, fork, and wheels are nice but too stiff and unaffordable for most of us. I hope the plan is to sell some concept bikes to a few millionaires to get some money, then start producing some old school style bikes.

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