That's right, Transworld is reporting Nike, and its 2 subdivisions Hurley and Converse, will not sponsor the 2013 US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. Why? Because it's expensive and Nike wants to use that budget elsewhere. Will Nike allocate those funds towards other sports or on individual surfers instead? Did they view their foray into surfing a failure despite Nike sponsored surfers Julian Wilson and Lakey Peterson winning this years US Open in the men's and women's divisions? Or maybe my negative review of their Legacy boardshorts made them realize they're not core enough? These are all questions we hope to see answered in the near future.
Kelly Slater won the Hurley Pro at Trestles this week, beating his most formidable opponents Mick Fanning in the semi finals, and Joel Parkinson in the final. What really makes this amazing is that he is beating guys who are more than half his age at their own game. Slater pulls the best airs, catches the best waves, and makes the best turns. Unlike other sporting endeavors where better equipment or being 10 years younger than the competition can allow one competitor to dominate for a long period of time (Michael Schumacher with Ferrari, and a young Tiger Woods come to mind), Slater is on the same boards and dealing with the same conditions as all the competitors on the ASP Tour. He just does it better. What other individual athlete can claim such dominance? Even when he wasn't on tour he was still pushing the limits of the sport. Mental focus, physical conditioning, and extremely healthy diet can outweigh age.

He's also so unassuming that you would probably miss him on the street if he walked passed you. This happened to me last year when I met Kelly Slater last year after the Quiksilver Pro at my favorite health food spot. It wasn't until my boy P-Dog pointed out that I was sitting right next to him that I noticed the champ. A few exchanges about health foods and yoga, and he was gone. Yup, he's just like us, only better.

(Both pics on this page are Ray's original work, don't steal or repost them or we will hunt you down and let all the air out of your bike and car tires. Our pic page will be up soon, until then check out pics on our facebook page.)
So Bob Haro's facebook page has once again revealed more computer renderings of his new Ikonix BMX bike. Judging from the split top tube, it will probably be very similar the original 1985 Haro Master (below). But it looks like there is no Gyro/Oryg, so I don't know how this wiill be a freestyle bike if you can't do any tailwhips. But considering that only 540 will be made, chances are none of us will get one. Let's hope Bob takes that money from all 540 bikes and makes some nice retro BMX bikes for the . 
With unemployment at a post depression high, chances are many of us have been, or are currently unemployed. And if you're reading this blog chances are you would work in the action sports industry. Well TransWorld Business has finally created a job board specifically for that purpose. With both job seekers and industry employers in mind, they have jobs in the skate, surf, bike, board, and outdoor lifestyle markets. It's a great place to start the job hunt, or look for alternatives if you don't think the usual 9-5 cubicle job is your for you. Go to and get those resumes ready.
The Unsound Right Coast Cup finished up today. All the pics are on our facebook page, so click here an check out Ray's trigger happy skills. Unfortunately local heroes Balaram Stack and Leif Engstrom failed to make it to the final, but Engstrom did take home an extra $500 for best air. And Stack pocketed a cool $1800. In the end, Florida surfer Blake Jones won the event by beating fellow Floridian Gabe Kling in the final. Couldn't have picked better timing for the contest as the swell faded and hard onshore winds starting picking up right after the event ended. 
The Unsound Right Coast Cup kicked off today with some epic waves from Hurricane Leslie. Our master photog Ray was there all day and snapped off an amazing 590 pics! So go to our facebook page right now and check them out, then Like our facebook page. Long Beach local Balaram Stack (below) advanced today along with NY Sea rider Leif Engstrom (above). So call out sick, or ditch out of work early like I am, and catch the final round of the contest. Show your support and maybe Long Beach and Quiksilver will reach a deal to bring back an ASP event next year.