The New York Surf Film Festival is coming! On Sept 19 and 20 at the Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn. Tickets go on sale Sept 5 at NightHawk. There's going to be some great movies with lots of footage from the northeast, including never before seen footage from last year's Quiksilver Pro in Long Beach.
Nothing is free these days, except a YEAR free subscription to Red Bull's The Red Bulletin Magainze. I picked up my first issue over the weekend, and its nice to have a real magazine  that I can read on the beach and not have to worry about sand or water. I'm not sure how long this deal will last, so go to while you can.
If you can surf like Matt Wilkinson, then YES. Wilko started sporting these fresh designs on last years ASP Tour, each one themed for the event. Money for the $1mm purse at last years Quiksilver Pro, ladies bossoms for France, etc. Wilko was kind enough to put up this 'greatest hits' pic on his blog this week for all to enjoy. Check out the pic I got of him in the VIP tent at last year at the Quik Pro in NY. Special thanks to my friend Mary for getting me behind the velvet rope on that day.
...but its not the Quiksilver Pro. Sorry folks, politics, costs, and red tape will prevent that amazing contest we had last year from returning. But Quiksilver will be 'presenting' the Unsound Right Coast Cup. Hopefully we'll see some of the best talent from the East Coast. It will be a skins contest format, so winners of each round will take home some cash as they progress. The contest will be two days, during the holding period of September 5-9. Come out and show your support, hopefully large crowds and good vibes will convince Quiksilver and the city of Long Beach to hold another ASP Tour event in 2013.
Hurley has been teaming up with product collaborations all summer. First Nike and now TWLOHA.  To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit organization that helps people with struggling with depression, addiction, self injury and suicide. These Phantoms boardshorts are really unique and show you support a good cause. Check them out on
So if you were cool growing up you had an awesome BMX freestyle bike. My sweet ride of choice was a 1987 GT Pro Perfomer, hot pink, white Skyway mag wheels, and Skyway pegs for the ladies. Ray can still be seen cruising Long Beach on his vintage Dyno Detour. Either way, I've been waiting for a BMX revival of retro style frames of yesteryear for us old skool riders. Well Bob Haro has given us a peek of what may be in store with his new Ikonix SX1 Prototype. Rumors have been spreading for a year about the bike he will produce, but it appears his concept bike above will have to suffice for now. Carbon frame, fork, and wheels are nice but too stiff and unaffordable for most of us. I hope the plan is to sell some concept bikes to a few millionaires to get some money, then start producing some old school style bikes.
I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. is changing ownership and blowing out everything at 60% off! Get over there because stuff is selling out fast!
Remember when Fuel TV showed surfing before it became constant re-runs of UFC events? Well Steve Bellamy who created the Tennis Channel and Ski Channel, will be launching the Surf Channel in September. Finally we'll be able to view some great surfing in the tropics after coming home when most of us will be dealing with falling temps and putting back on fullsuits and booties.
Team BoardshortReport hats are in! We will be giving away a white and black hat to one random fan who 'likes' our page, and the 100th person who 'likes' us on facebook. So click here and click Like. Its shameless self promotion Sunday!

US Open Day 7


It's day 7 of the US Open & I'm sure everyone is praying Kelly Slater doesn't get eliminated. Guys are in the water but as you can see the camera is not live. I guess I'll have to watch some Olympics to fill the time.