What a week for Joel Parkinson. After scoring a perfect heat score yesterday, he has now won the Oakley Pro Bali. In lackluster waves, Parko beat Michel Bourez by a close 1.19 points in the final. Congrats Parko!
Fellow Floridian and 2001 ASP World Champion, CJ Hobgood just knocked out Kelly Slater in Round 5 of the Oakley Bali Pro. This is a huge upset and will surely shake up the standings when the contest is over. 
Joel Parkinson has done it again. He just scored a perfect heat score of 20 points (2 perfect 10 point rides) in heat 4 of the Oakley Bali Pro. This is he 2nd time he has done it, and has now tied Kelly Slater who also has also scored 2 perfect heats in his career. The only other person to score a perfect heat score is Jeremy Flores.
Sarah Lee took this amazing photos in Hawaii. See all of them here. Pics are worth 1000 words, so that's all I need to write today. Happy International Surfing Day!
There are some things that shouldn't be combined; rollerblading and basketball, smoking and gas stations, and toddlers strapped onto skateboards! Design studio Studio Peter Van Riet in Antwerp, Belgium designed this thing for the stroller company Quinny. I can't think of a worse idea then using your own child as a bumper on a skateboard. If you're too lazy or tired to push your child in a regular or jogging-stroller, then you need to get in better shape. The longboard stroller is just another idea I'll put in my bad idea folder.

These Turq SwimBriefs are great. It's summer so we are back doing full reviews of the newest summer shorts. For the full review on the Turqs, click here.

But here are the highlights; They are light, seamless, and extremely comfortable to wear in the water. If you have a favorite pair of boardshorts with badly placed seams, then the Turqs are the perfect thing to wear underneath. While I would opt for a true compression short to workout in after surfing, the Turq Swimbriefs are the perfect thing to wear while surfing and around the beach all day to prevent any unwanted chaffing or rashes.
Do this...
Nothing makes me cringe when non-surfing companies try to jump on the cool bandwagon. It usually ends with disastrous results (see move poster below). But sometimes, it makes a little sense. Apple is no longer naming their operating systems after large cats, but are going with a more California coastal vibe. 

Enter Mac OS X, aka, Mavericks. When I think of a smooth flawless OS, the fury and violence of Mavericks isn't the first analogy that comes to mind. However, I can still remember when Mavericks was discovered and made public in the magazines. It was a spot that shouldn't have existed in the US, and it generated huge a buzz around the world. If the is the reaction Apple is hoping for, then OS X has alot to live up to when it is released this Fall.
...not this.
Kelly Slater has done it again. Slater beat Mick Fanning in the finals at the Volcom Fiji Pro, and is once again on top in the ASP rankings. The waves were perfect and so was Slater. He posted a perfect heat score of 20 points against Sebastian Zietz in the quarterfinals. A perfect heat score has only happened four times in the history of the ASP tour (Slater posted a perfect 20 point score once before, so this was the second time he attained perfection in a contest).

Will Kelly Slater get his 12th world title this year? Mick Fanning is only 750 points behind Slater, so it's still anyone's game. The Oakely Bali Pro starts in less than one week, on June 18th, so the next chapter is about to be written.
After hours of surfing in your boardshorts, even the best 'seamless' shorts can get uncomfortable by the end of the day. That's one of the reasons we began boardshortreport.com, to give honest reviews of shorts. Now there is another option, Turq SwimBriefs can be worn under your boardshorts or wetsuit to prevent chafing and rashes. We will have a full review of them soon, but in the meantime we spoke with the creators of the Turq SwimBriefs, Susan Jaffe and Susan White, about what makes their product different.

How long did it take you to come up with the trunks from the first idea to the first sample?
SJ & SW: It took about a year from when we designed to getting the first product back from the manufacturer.

What do they have that's different from Under Armour or Elephant Surf Trunks?
SJ & SW: Our briefs are more lightweight (no neoprene) and seamless. They are not designed to be compression shorts for field sports. They are meant to be submerged and worn in the water because they are made with hydrophobic fibers. 

Do you plan to expand beyond the northeast in terms of retail stores that carry them?
SJ & SW: Yes, we are in talks with a big retail outlet in the Southeast. And we also have been getting many inquiries from states like Texas and Arkansas where the water activities are on lakes or rivers.

Are you currently sponsoring any athletes or do you plan to?
SJ & SW: For the moment, we are focusing on sponsoring events like paddle board races. But we may be open to sponsoring individuals in the future.

The guys over at NYSEA.com have released another great batch of t-shirts for summer. But nothing sums up NYC surfers better than the tank top above, "Driven by the City, Bound to the Sea." Head over to nysea.com now and see the new collection. And keep checking back here as we begin our review of new boardshorts and other goodies as the weather gets warmer...