I've never understood Polar Bears. Not the cuddly furry white creatures that rip apart seals, walruses, and fish to eat. That makes perfect sense. But the humans that voluntarily jump into near freezing water for fun does not make sense. Well our Photo Chief, Ray (above with a cute fan), is going to do just that on Super Bowl Sunday in Long Beach, NY. But he is doing it to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. If you're going to risk cardiac arrest, you may as well do it for the kids. We will put up photos next week assuming his Speedo is not R-rated, but in the meantime anyone who wishes to donate can do so here. Ray usually raises the most money and this year should be the same. It's a great cause, so do it for the kids!
Remember all the hype that surrounded the Segway scooter before it was released, only to be disappointed to discover it was just an big electric scooter for lazy rich people? Well that kind of excitement should be generated for the Onewheel. Onewheel is a battery operated, gyro balancing, self propelled skateboard. It can glide over bumps with ease, and looks like a cross between snowboarding and 'hoverboarding' from Back to the Future II. With a $1,300 pre-order price tag it's not cheap, but you will definitely be the coolest kid on the block.
The HollywoodReporter.com is saying that Gerard Butler is in final talks to play Bodhi in the Point Break remake. This remake has been a bad idea since day 1. Butler should just kick over Patrick Swayze's (RIP) headstone and desecrate his grave. Classics should not be re-made. Anyone who loved the original must boycott everything associated with this blasphemous remake. It is wrong on so many way levels, let's count them...
  1. It's disrespectful to the late Mr. Swayze. What's next, a Road House remake? 
  2. "Lawyers don't surf," and neither does Butler. Remember how he almost died while making Chasing Mavericks. 
  3. Having Johnny Utah play an older mentor like Pappas might have worked, but Keanu Reeves TURNED DOWN the remake!
  4. Butler has already jinxed any movie involving surfing, Chasing Mavericks barely made $6 million.
  5. Butler is old as dirt. He's already 44, he'll by 45 when it films. How many 45 year-olds (Kelly Slater is the exception, and he's still younger at 41) are believable surfing gurus and bank robbers??
I guess their MTV/Jackass money has run out and their insurance premiums are unaffordable under Obamacare, so Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus is taking their show on the road. They sold out Madison Square Garden last night, and they are filling their foam pits with dollars just like Uncle Scrooge. But I feel better knowing that my dollars are supporting insanity and 3 hours of non-stop jumps, as opposed to 3 hours at a baseball game and only seeing 17 minutes of actual action. Yes that last statistic is a sad fact, read it here.

So enjoy the "Nitro Bomb" at the top, and Josh Sheehan's double back flip below. 
It has been a long three weeks since getting back from Hawaii and trying to get back into the swing of things. Thanks to the Polar Vortex gripping the nation, I discovered it's hard to type while wearing mittensfocusing on starting a fire in my tiny apartment to keep warm. But to kick things off for 2014 we'll do some shameless promotion of this year's Women's Surfer Poll winner, Alana Blanchard. She recaps her 2013 year and looks forward to 2014.