Amazing waterman Garett McNamara has done it again. This time topping his previous record setting wave of 78 feet, with a wave measuring in the 90-100 feet range. Words can't express how awesome this wave is, or how much skill McNamara has. Check the video below.
We just got the following email from Volcom announcing a partnership with and ESPN that will broadcast the Volcom Pipe Pro this year.

"Volcom is partnering with ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, to bring the Volcom Pipe Pro and competitive surfing to a whole new audience. In addition to the traditional live broadcast at, ESPN will be streaming the contest live in HD on This partnership will mark the first time that ESPN has streamed a live ASP surfing event.

Additionally, upon completion of the event, Volcom will be collaborating with ESPN to produce a one hour highlight show which will first air Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 11:00am EST on the ESPN network."
The Circuit of the Americas racetrack was built to host Formula 1 racing in America, along with a few other racing series such as Moto GP, and Grand-Am. But there was concern that such few races wouldn't make the track profitable enough. Now the Circuit of the Americas has announced they are among a dozen other cities that have qualified to host the Summer X Games as early as 2014.

They have to space for the ramps and street courses. Now imagine the possibilities for rally cross and hypermotard events on full size street course. This is a gearhead's dream come true.
O'Neill and Pabst Blue Ribbon has teamed up and released some nice party gear for this Spring. Boardshorts and gear that say 'I like to party' in a not so subtle sort of way. We should have a review of the shorts as soon as we take our next warm water trip. But for now check out everything on O'Neill's website here
After the last 2 posts, its time to combine the best of both worlds and find a suitable winter driving machine to take to the mountains. But what do you drive? Something with all-wheel-drive, storage space, and room for 2? Yes. Practical? Definitely not. Freeskier Jon Olsson exemplifies the meaning of winter driving fun. He always chooses something fast, AWD, and somewhat practical (custom luggage carrier on top). So which one of Olsson's rides would be your car of choice? Choose wisely..... (Thanks to Jason Thorgalsen Photography for the Murcielago pics)
Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 SV

Lamborghini Gallardo

Audi R8

After almost 2 decades of growth and revitalizing ski resorts, the number of snowboarders has fallen sharply in the past few years according to a NY Times report. There are many reasons; the once rebellious sport has matured along with its participants who are now starting families with less time to ride, freestyle skiing on twin-tip and fat skis have made skiing cool again, and many female riders are leaving the sport altogether as they get older.

Basically its not as cool as it used to be, and the new generation is once again starting on skis but not switching to snowboards in their teens.
While I usually avoid dangerous sea creatures, this Stingray is an exception. I'm usually not a fan of American cars, but the 2014 Corvette Stingray is too badass to ignore. If a Ferrari 599 and a Camaro ZL1 had a devil offspring child, this is what it would look like. If anyone at Chevrolet would like to loan me one to review, please email me and I will give my unbiased impressions of how it handles on the Ocean Parkway with a surfboard riding shotgun and a few beach chairs in the back.
O'Neill has announced that everyone's favorite South African, Jordy Smith, has signed another 5 year contract with them. Finally someone is sticking with their original sponsor instead of jumping ship to the Hurley/Nike oligopoly machine. It only makes sense, because I think O'Neill makes the best boardshorts which are all reviewed here.
This week Skullcandy's stock (SKUL) hit an all time low of $6.55, down from its $20 IPO price less than 2 years ago. Despite their good products (I own their Ink'd earbuds) and long list of sponsored athletes and models (like Long Beach local Balaram Stack), they can't seem to please shareholders. Skullcandy's brand image is strong so it may become a takeover target for a company looking to gain credit in the youth headphone market. But for now I'm just glad they can afford to keep models like Kate Upton on the pay roll. Happy Friday everyone.
Because the world needs more yoga pants and scuba hoodies with UV protection, ROXY has launched its Outdoor Fitness collection. The full catalog can be seen here. The gear looks pretty cool, and I hope to see the ROXY girls wearing some of it if they come back to Long Beach this year.