Reason #4
1. According the a Wall Street Journal report, the ball is in play only 11 minutes in a 174 minute broadcast of a game. You could surf for 2 hours and watch the 11 minutes on your DVR!

2. Retired surfers tend to make less money but stay in the industry working for old sponsors and even write books. Whereas 78% of NFL players end up bankrupt after 5yrs of retirement, or worse.

3. The average temperature of North America is above 54 degrees until late October, why would anyone want to be inside? (I'll give a pass to people actually going to the games, but only if they are in  real stadiums and not enclosed domes).

4. Want to support your team and still look cool? Compromise and buy a pair of Quik's boardies.

5. Paddling and surfing will help you live longer than couch-surfing with wings and beer.

6. If you really feel the need, get a friendly game of two hand touch going after a surf session, like these guys below...

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