After an entire day of surfing, the Billabong Tahiti Pro wrapped up with Adrian Buchan crowned the winner. He had 2 great waves scoring over a 9 on both, and Slater just couldn't find the right wave to take the lead. What's even more amazing is that in Round 4, Kelly Slater was on getting towed out by the jet ski when an incoming wave flipped it over and pinned Slater under it briefly. Despite coming in 3rd in that non-elimination round, Slater went on to defeat Joel Parkinson in round 5, Freddie Patacchia in the quarterfinals, and Kai Otton in the semi-finals. The guy truly is a machine. Congratulations to Adrian Buchan, and Slater's 2nd place finish which should put him back in the #1 spot on the ASP World Tour.