Every 20-30 years history repeats itself. Conflict in the Middle East, the USA and Russia have a Cold War, and fashion fads come back from the dead. Last year it was the rebirth of neon, now it is Oakley's Heritage Collection. They're so bad, they're good. That's the only way to describe the single lens, goggle style glasses from the 80's. Wear these sunglasses after your're done shredding on your 1985 Tom Curren Black Beauty board, and you'll feel like you took a time machine back to the golden era of surfing. Or if you're a complete Oakley freak and never lose your glasses (like myself), you can just rock the same Razor Blades you bought 25 years ago...
...The Author, 2013 in Long Beach, NY wearing 1989 Razor Blades. photo: The Author
Joel Parkinson has done it again. He just scored a perfect heat score of 20 points (2 perfect 10 point rides) in heat 4 of the Oakley Bali Pro. This is he 2nd time he has done it, and has now tied Kelly Slater who also has also scored 2 perfect heats in his career. The only other person to score a perfect heat score is Jeremy Flores.
Everything old is new again. After Oakley brought back their 1980's hit Frogskins sunglasses, they have been selling out of many limited edition colors. Now you can rock the 80's style all day with their new Frogskins shirt available here. Now if Oakley would just bring back the original Razor Blades (below), they'll have a real hit.