The St. Jude Day storm that almost killed Maya Gaberia has been discussed and debated. Regardless of everyone's opinion, it takes guts to go out in those conditions and even more to risk your own life to save a fellow surfer. That's what Carlos Burle did when Maya Gaberia fell on a huge wave, Carlos went after her seeing that she was unconscious. Red Bull has now put that moment and the surfer's thoughts into their own film. Full link is here
It's crazy enough to skate down some of California's roads. But most videos are shot on closed sections of street, or using a lead car to spot oncoming traffic. This video of Liam Morgan used no such precautions and its nuts. Don't forget to crank up the volume, especially if your're watching this at work in your cubicle.
In an interview with CNN, Laird Hamilton says Carlos Burle failed to complete the ride on the wave in Nazare, Portugal. He also explains how big wave surfers need decades of experience before attempting record setting rides, and Maya Gabeira (age 26) lacked that experience.

Ken Collins responded in the video below saying that women like Keala Kennelly and Maya Gabeira, will never get a fair shake from the male dominated club of big wave riders.