Carlos Burle on a possible 100ft wave. Photo: To Mane from dailymail.co.uk
The St. Jude Day storm which has been pounding Europe for a few days, and left13 dead in its wake, is responsible for another record setting wave. The storm sent some of the biggest waves in recent months to Nazare, Portugal. Yes, the same spot Garrett McNamara surfed earlier this year on a wave that is now viewed as slightly smaller thatn 100 feet. Brazilian surfer Carlos Burle was towed into what looks like a 100 foot wave. The conditions were life threatening for Maya Gabeira. Prior to his ride, Carlos rescued Maya who was knocked unconscious by a wave, broke her ankle, and nearly drowned. The dailymail.co.uk has more amazing photos of this day. Hats off to anyone who even got in the water tried to ride these beasts. 
According to Fox News, Jeff Horton put up the fight of his life and won. On Sunday, Jeff was surfing Pila's near Kilauea, when a shark lunged at his foot. The former boxer's honed skills took over as he jumped on the shark and started punching it. Whether it was due to luck or skill, he escaped unscathed except for a few scratches. But his surfboard has a nice chomp mark as a souvenir. Like a true champ, Jeff surfed the next day... at a different spot. If anyone sees Jeff on the North Shore of Kauai, be sure to buy him a shot.
Back in the 80's the biggest back flip on film was Cru Jones in Rad. Now Kelly McGarry has upped the ante slightly, and threw a backflip over a 72 foot gap at the Red Bull Rampage. That's huge. That's 24 yards, 4 yards longer than then an extra point kick in football.  He also had no room to spare. The flip comes at 1:09 in the video. Check the contest video below if the helmet cam POV above makes you air sick.
In another exciting year for the ASP World Tour, the title will come down to the final event at the Billabong Pro at Pipeline starting on December 8th. Kelly Slater needs to win the event to clinch is 12th world title, but Mick Fanning has to finish worse than 3rd. However, if Slater does not make the Semi finals, and Fanning places 9th or better, Fanning should take the crown. It's going to be a long two months waiting to see how this season will end.
Photo: Hugo Silva/Red Bull
Kelly Slater was eliminated in the 2nd round of the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal by wild card entry Frederico Morais. Now Mick Fanning can clinch the title if a few scenarios play out. Fanning needs to finish better than 3rd, and Taj Burrow, Jordy Smith, and Joel Parkinson all need to fail to make it to the finals. 

Even if Fanning doesn't clinch the title in Portugal, Slater still has to make it to the finals at Pipeline to stay in contention. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out, but as of now Fanning is looking like the potential champ this year.
So what does the government shutdown mean to you? Nothing. What does it mean to Darren Harper and local Washington, DC skaters? No pesky security guards chasing them off some government parks and grounds. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that it is open season on the Capitol's best skate spots. Low, smooth, stone benches and railings make for some amazing street skating. Check out the video below.